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Hello, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  My name is David Cutler, and I have been officiating weddings throughout Southern California for more than 16 years.  If you are searching for the perfect officiant for your wedding, I would be honored to meet with you and help you put together the perfect ceremony for your special day!
About Minister David Cutler
​As a non-denominational Christian minister I have had the honor of marrying loving couples throughout the Southern California area for more than 16 years. Although Christian in faith, I understand that everyone comes from different backgrounds and different faiths. Because of this I officiate weddings in all styles, religious or non-religious. Whatever your faith we can work together to find you the perfect ceremony.

In 2005 I graduated from San Diego State University with a BA in Sociology with an emphasis in marriage and family counseling. I also have an extensive financial advising/planning background and used this in the ministry as a financial coach and counselor at one of the largest churches in Southern California.

My wife and I settled in Temecula a few years ago and we absolutely love it here! In our free time we like to explore the local wine country, take in a great minor league baseball game with the Lake Elsinore Storm, and spend lots of quality time with our amazing pooch Harlow. Harlow and I can be seen running together frequently on the roads near wine country.
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you attend the rehearsal?
I believe that my attendance at your rehearsal is not only valuable for you, your wedding party and your coordinator, but also it is very valuable for for me as it helps me greatly with the wedding day logistics.  Because of this I will always try to be at the rehearsal if my schedule permits, and I do not charge an extra fee for this as long as I am available. 

How many people write their own vows?
Truthfully, not many couples write their vows in entirety.  Normally I provide you with several ideas and samples, and you can add your own personal touch to the template to create something unique and special to you.  Or you can leave it up to me, and I can write them for you.

Do you require premarital or religious classes? What are those requirements?
This part I leave to you.  While I do not require that you go through any particular kind of pre-marital counseling (religious or not) I do advocate for it.  You have so much to gain as partners by attending a pre-marital class together, and nothing to lose.

Can we choose a non-religious ceremony?
Absolutely.  Your wedding ceremony should be centered around your love for each other and your own personal set of beliefs.  We can tailor a ceremony for you that is beautiful and meaningful, whether religious or non.

We come from different religious backgrounds. Do you have experience with inter-faith wedding ceremonies?
I have been asked this very question many times in the past, and the answer is yes!  I will work with you both to create a ceremony that encompasses both of your beliefs and blends the entire ceremony together as one beautiful reflection of you both.

Should we bring you the marriage license before the wedding date? Will you mail it to the state for us?
While it is best to complete the marriage license before the ceremony, you may want to get with your photographer to decide if you want formal pictures of me signing you marriage license on the day of the wedding.  If so, it has been my experience that it is better to take care of this before the ceremony, as you are going to be very busy after I pronounce you husband and wife!

I am happy to mail in the license for you, however many couple nowadays prefer to do this themselves so that they can include their order form for official copies of their license and their check for payment.

Do you stay for the wedding reception?
I am always honored when I am asked to stay for the reception.  My belief is that feeding your minister should not be a part of your wedding budget, so normally I will stay for 20-30 minutes following your wedding to take any pictures that you may want with me, and to express my congratulations to your parents and immediate family.  However, if you would like me to be a guest at your reception I only ask that there be room for my beautiful wife, as we do like to have dinner together :-)

Is flash photography allowed during the ceremony?
Absolutely!  I have no problem with it, so please let your photographers know.  I also don't place any restrictions on where your photographers would like to take their shots from.  Please keep in mind that some (OK, most!) of your wedding guests will also be snapping away during your ceremony.  I am happy to make an announcement that guests sitting near the isle please keep their devices out of the isle during the ceremony.  If you are having a "Unplugged" ceremony I will make an announcement just prior to the ceremony starting to remind everyone.

Will you wear a mic if the videographer requires one to capture the ceremony?
Yes.  I will coordinate beforehand with your DJ and videographer to sound check everything on the day of the wedding.  

How long will the ceremony last?
That depends on what we put into it. Typical ceremonies last from 15-25 minutes. I am happy to give you an approximate timeline once the final draft has been written.
Can we read the ceremony first?
Of course! Some couples prefer to go into the ceremony not having seen the entire ceremony, while others like to read through it entirely to be sure it is exactly the way they pictured it. The choice is yours! 
Temecula Wedding Officiant 
Ordained Minister

Serving Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles, 
San Bernardino, and Orange counties.
What makes you different from all of the other officiants?

I have learned over the years that the ceremony really does set the tone for the rest of the day.  My goal is to create a ceremony that is a total reflection of you both - your personalities, values and beliefs. I always conduct a personal interview with the couples I work with to make sure I have the background I need to create a unique and memorable ceremony.  While this seems like something every officiant would do, you'd be surprised to find that it's not always the case.  Some officiants will simply offer you a selection of pre-written templates and ask you to choose the one you like best.  Then they simply swap in your names.  

​Although my wife and I sometimes make fun of it, I am an extreme perfectionist.  I hate surprises on the wedding day and that's why I work very closely with all of your vendors so that everyone is on the same page. I arrive 45 min to an hour early on the wedding day so that I can find your vendors for the following:

​I also make sure that there are no big ugly black microphone stands in your wedding pictures.  If your DJ/MC doesn't have a wireless lapel microphone for the officiant to wear I will provide my own.  I have a $1000 complete PA sound system with a Sennheiser G3 wireless lavalier microphone that I always have with me and can use this at any venue.  I do not charge any additional fees to use my own professional sound equipment.

• Coordinators: I find out exactly what type of announcements will need to be made both before or after the ceremony.  This ensures that wedding guests know where to go after the ceremony is over, and who might be needed immediately for wedding pictures.

• Photographers: Your ceremony pictures are going to be some of the most important pictures of the day. I make sure to let the photographers know exactly what is going to be happening during the ceremony and when, so that they can make sure they are in the best locations to get the perfect shot. I will also ask them if they would like me to step out of the "Kiss" shot or remain in my place (different photographers have certain preferences).  MOST IMPORTANTLY I will offer to make a special announcement to the wedding guests to keep their personal cameras and cell phones out of the aisle during the ceremony. This helps prevent wedding photos like this one: -------------->
• DJ/MC: I let them know how long the ceremony is and make sure they know about any parts that might need soft background music (such as sand-pouring unity ceremony, etc.) and also let them know what their cues will be to stop the procession music, and also what the last thing I will say is so that they know when to cue the recessional song.
• Colors: I always ask what your wedding theme colors will be.  This helps me coordinate my attire for the wedding day to ensure that I don't clash with your bridal party.  Also should you choose to write your own vows, I will custom make for you the vow cards that you will be reading from during the exchange of rings.  This gives you a nice keepsake that you can later frame or put into a scrapbook, and also helps you out on the wedding day because I hold them for you during the ceremony so you don't have to worry about folding up the vows and keeping them stuffed in a pocket, etc. I really enjoy making the vow cards and seeing the looks on the faces of my happy couples when they see them for the first time!  I do not charge a fee for this. =)
Do you officiate same sex ceremonies?
Yes I do!  My personal belief is that love is just as strong and meaningful whether between opposite-sex couples or same-sex couples, and everyone should be afforded the same rights and privileges of marriage.  And I am happy that the State of California agrees!
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