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So, what services do you provide with your fee?
Music Services
Coaching will be offered via video conference (FaceTime or Skype). 

The Relationship Coaching Course is designed to help you "discover" each other in ways that you may not have been able to do before. It is NOT therapy. I am not a clinical therapist and as such I would likely refer you to a professional MFT if you are experiencing issues in your relationship that are out of my realm of expertise. This class is designed to be informative, fun, and also help to bring a new level of awareness to one another in your relationship.

There may be moments during our coaching that will be uncomfortable. We are all flawed in maybe more ways than we care to admit, and it can be difficult sometimes to admit to those flaws. My goal is to help you through the tough topics in your relationship, and to create an understanding between you that will only enrich your lives and strengthen your relationship.

My credentials are as follows:
* B.A. in Sociology with emphasis on marriage, family and interpersonal relationships - SDSU 2005
* 7 years of marriage to an amazing woman who is indeed my true partner in life.
* 15 years experience as a wedding officiant.

Coaching will be offered in either Christian or non-religious sessions (couple's choice)

Pricing will be as follows:

Six (6) 75-minute sessions $600 
If I am (or was) also your wedding officiant: $450 


  Understanding your personality types
  Family of Origin - Upbringing
  Money Matters
  Goals and Career
  Communication and Conflict
  Love and Intimacy
  Expectations - Roles and Family
  Expectations - Relationship and Friendships

Homework packets will be emailed and each section should be completed prior to the corresponding meeting.  
The ceremony is the first thing that your wedding guests are going to experience on your special day.  It should not only be a celebration of your relationship, but also should set the tone for the rest of the wedding day!

If you are just looking for somebody to show up on your wedding day and give a standard wedding ceremony, then I'm probably not the officiant for you =)  On average I invest 25 hours of myself into crafting a completely custom wedding ceremony that will leave you and your guests with lasting memories of the wedding.

Officiant fee is $725.* 

After you have chosen me as your officiant I will include all of the following services:

-A formal details meeting with you both to learn more about you and discuss your ideas for the ceremony.  This meeting is typically about 75 minutes and can be done face-to-face or via Skype/FaceTime for out-of-town couples.

-A custom ceremony that is written to reflect your personality and your values.  I will never send you a selection of pre-written templates and ask you to choose the one you like best.  Your ceremony will be written for you based on the notes I take in our details interview.

-Assistance with obtaining your marriage license.  I will email you direct links to the county clerk's office with instructions on how to file.

-Close cooperation with your vendors (photographers, DJ, wedding coordinator, etc.). I will coordinate with your photographers, DJ, wedding coordinator and videographer at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony so that they all know exactly what is going to happen during the ceremony, and when.

-Professional PA sound system and microphones (if needed) I always carry a lapel microphone and prefer it to a handheld.  This keeps my hands free and also eliminates the big ugly mic stand from your wedding photos.

-Custom-made vow cards (in your wedding colors) for your wedding day, that make a great keepsake (if writing your own wedding vows) See examples on the home page =)

-I will match my suit/tie to follow along with your wedding theme colors.

-Professionally officiate your wedding 

-File your marriage license for you the following week.  I will make copies and email everything to you with instructions on how to obtain certified copies.

-Unlimited email, phone, Skype/FaceTime or in-person communication.

What about the rehearsal?  Many officiants charge an additional fee for this service. It is my belief that being at your rehearsal is just as beneficial to me as it is to you, and so I always try to be at every rehearsal. Because there is no guarantee that your rehearsal will not conflict with a wedding that I am scheduled to officiate, I cannot in good conscience charge couples a fee for me to be there. 

DISCOUNTS:  I do offer discounts for the following:
-Weddings taking place during the off-season (December thru February).
-Weddings taking place Monday through Thursday (holidays excluded) 
-Weddings taking place before 2:30PM.
-Active duty Military and Active Reserve.

* additional travel fees will apply for weddings taking place more than 25 miles from zip code 92592.
Don't have a DJ?  Maybe you are having a wedding in a remote location (beach, park, private home or wedding estate, etc), or possibly your wedding and reception are in different locations and your DJ is charging additional set-up and break-down fees for multiple locations?  I have you covered!

If needed I will provide the following music services:

• Arrival/Seating music of your choice for 30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time
• Processional music of your choice
• Recessional song of your choice


*Add 1 hour of cocktail hour music of your choice immediately following the ceremony 
 for an additional $100

​**Muisc services are IN ADDITION TO my officiant fee. I do not offer music services if I am not your officiant.  

Professional Sound System includes:
  -Alto 600 watt powered 2 channel PA loudspeaker  with stand
  -Mackie 6 channel mixer with Onyx preamp
  -Sennheiser G3 wireless Lavalier system with ME2 omnidirectional microphone
  -Shure BLX Handheld Mic System
  -iPod plug-in with 50' audio cable

I HAVE MY OWN PORTABLE POWER SOURCE THAT IS COMPLETELY SILENT.  There is no need for a power outlet to have music services.  I can set up in the middle of nowhere!

Relationship Coaching Course (Pre-marital or Post-marital)